So I have a few user stories; time to start putting the infrastructure together. So What have I decided on so far?

Language: Java
Framework: Spring*
Repository: Subversion
IDE: Eclipse
Continuous Integration/ Deployer: Hudson
Build Automation: Maven2

I’m in the process of getting all my pieces together and in place. I’ve set up a subversion repository and eclipse. I have a very basic .war file setup committed and a maven script to build the war file. Every five minutes, a Hudson job polls the repository and rebuilds the warfile, then deploys it to JBoss. It’s a pretty sweet setup despite it only deploying a “Hello World”.

Now I need to refresh myself on Java and learn Spring.  This leads me to my first task:

Card SPoE-0001
User Creation

As a User, I want to be able to provide a preferred username and email address to create an account.

Status: New
Version: 0.0.1
Component: User account
Original Estimate: ?
Time spent: 0
Time Needed: ?

Going into this, I’m familiar with MVC framework in Rails, so I’m guessing the concepts aren’t much different for Spring MVC I’m still new to this process(Java webapp layout, Agile and Spring), so if you see any mistakes or have suggestions, please let me know. If you’re interested in helping me with development,

*Despite suggestions of both Struts and Spring, I went with Spring after scientific investigation.