House Repairs

The following is a list of projects for the house. It’s meant to be comprehensive, but we’ll see how far that goes.
Ideal Projects


  • [_] Replace Stairs
  • [X] replace water pipes ready to burst
  • [_] run electrical for basement
  • [_] Build storage room wall
  • [_] Build Office walls
  • [_] Build bathroom walls
  • [_] replace sewage pipe in basement from toilet/tub with PVC
  • [_] bathroom plumbing
  • [X] remove and replace utility sink
  • [_] add egress windows
  • [_] build bookshelf
  • etc.

Living Room

  • [_] Ceiling Fan
  • [_] 4 way lightswitch
  • etc.


  • [X] install towel hooks in bathroom
  • [X] replace locks on front and back doors (deadbolt and knob)
  • [X] build child door over stairwell
  • [X] Hang spice rack
  • [_] patch/paint over bad holes
  • [X] replace storm door latch
  • [x] patch/paint over exposed older holes
  • [_] varnish child door
  • [X] Install outdoor electrical outlets
  • [_] light switch for stairwell lights
  • [_] replace shower hardware
  • [/] seal shower/tub, repair subfloor
  • [x] remove birds nest from vents in attic, add screening to external vents
  • [x] re-adjust insulation in attic to free vents in front
  • [_] seal insulation in basement.
  • [x] fix roof over office- locate and patch leak
  • [_] fix storm door scraping overhang
  • [X] replace broken window panes in kitchen and Ian’s room
  • [X] add handle/hardware on dining room window so it’s easier to close
  • [_] replace back porch/stairs
  • [_] mudjack/replace back patio slab
  • [_] replace/rebuild front porch (expand?)
  • [X] remove broken glass from bathroom drain (oops)
  • [/] kill carpenter ants on tree in back (white granules stuff at Menard’s works apparently)
  • [X] reverse fridge door
  • [X] redo Ian’s closet doors (stabilize hanging doors or remove and replace)
  • [X] clear out sewage pipe roots (prevent backups)

…more to come…

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