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Yay I’m 1.0!

Happy birthday to me, I live in a tree, happy birthday dear me- happy birthday to me.

My Pickled Herring is not Red

11:13 -!- lori [45dddd1f@A3455140.59D83169.126F8B2.IP] has joined #irc
11:13 < lori> jesse are you there?
11:14 < ~ziggy> he might be
11:14 < ~ziggy> want me to go get him?
11:14 < lori> sure why not
11:15  * ziggy runs off with a pickled herring under his arm
11:15 < morgajel> yo
11:16 < lori> what is jackie's work number?
11:17 < morgajel> *shrug*
11:17 < morgajel> I don't know.
11:17 < lori> well what good are you?
11:20 < ~ziggy> we're all wondering that
11:21 < ~ziggy> well, other than sperm donor- he seems to have gotten that 


ur mom

ok I need help- I need some ur mom jokes. I’d come up with my own but I’m heading over to ur mom’s right now. Just leave them in the comments.


I saw a Goat today. His name was Charlie. Charlie was a nice goat. He wore pants. He said to say hi.


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