El Monterey, I have the perfect marketing pitch for you:


Scene: Dining room table, happy music plays in the background.

Mother, father and two children walk in door carrying fast food bags

Father opens container to find a smashed, nasty, dried out cheeseburger. Music stops.

Mother opens her fish sandwich to find it swimming in tartar sauce.

Everyone appears grossed out and disappointed when suddenly there is a loud thump

Cut to  refrigerator. *thump* it moves.

Refrigerator door opens and a rainbow spin of colors comes out, revealing someone like the Katamari King. scene cuts change to an old japanese fight movie.

In his hands is a small microwave which shoots burritos out like a tommy gun.

Steaming burritos land on plates that magically appear in front of them.

“Thanks burrito overlord!” the family cheers in unison.

Camera cuts to burrito overlord who gives a two finger salute, before jumping, spinning into a rainbow and zapping back into a freezer.

Happy mexican celebration plays while the family digs in.

Text and voiceover both reinforce:

“Always have a Plan B. El Monterey.”