Presuming I get my Alston guitar properly set up and playable, I’d like to try building another kit. Before I do that however, I need to figure out what I’ll need.

  1. A painting booth. Lacking a proper garage, some type of enclosed booth to hang the guitar in would be ideal- This video demonstrates how to build a temporary paint booth for ~$50. That in addition to a stand of some sort that I can hang the guitar from should be sufficient.
  2. A proper painting mask. The flimsy mask I had was passable in a well ventilated area, but I should get something better before I paint again.
  3. A Drying space. I need to make preparations before hand to have a spot to let the paint dry after the initial painting.
  4. A timeline. x days for sanding, priming, painting, clear coat, assembly, etc.
  5. Sanding sealer. This will help make sure everything is smooth.
  6. Proper sanding tools. I cut too many corners rather than using a proper sanding block.

I’ll add to this list as I think of more.

The second half of the equation is finding a kit that I really want to do. With the *relatively* low prices, it’s feasible to do another once I get a place to work on it. Kits I’m currently looking at:

No favorites yet, but it’s all I could find.