So after the failure of Paranoid Android, I’m switching back to the Cyanogenmod 10.2.1 rom for my galaxy nexus. I figured I’d document the steps since they were so irksome in the hopes that someone can help me streamline this.

  • Create a backup of most of my apps and their configurations with Titanium Backup.
  • Download the proper google apps and cm rom for my phone
  • choose to install rom, apps and backup via clockwork mod’s ROM Manager
  • reboot and wait for magic to happen.


After that, the fun begins

  • Go through installation process, which includes typing my Google account password twice (hint, it’s very long and difficult to type of a phone keyboard).
  • Add wireless passphrase
  • enter a verification code. Since I don’t have google auth set up, I have to use one of my backup codes.
  • skip or log into the CM backup account stuff (I finally set it up this time.)

ok, phone is now usable, but is still irksome.

  • Fire up gmail app, go to settings, click on morgajel@gmail account, inbox sound and vibrate, sound, complete action using media storage (always), select none, then ok. ensure vibrate is off.
  • Go to the phone’s system settings, click on Lock screen,
    • screen security, screen lock
      • pattern and set pattern
      • set owner info, set show owner info on lock screen
    • Background Image, select image
  • settings->interface->status bar->Battery status style-> percentage
  • settings->sound->phone ringtone -> orion
  • settings->sound->Vibrate when ringing
  • Force stop and disable apollo so that it won’t interfere with my bluetooth app and beyondpod.
  • reconfigure google authenticator for google account
  • reconfigure google authenticator for github account
  • reconfigure google authenticator for dropbox account
  • set up twitter account
  • set up linkedin account
  • set up github account
  • set up facebook account
  • set up dropbox account.
  • reconfigure google voice
  • set up amazon kindle account
  • reconfigure bluetooth for my car
  • remember facebook has annoying notifications, wonder why I enabled it, then go to settings and disable vibrate, LED and set ringtone to none

To do:

  • Set up Corporate email account
  • set up skype account
  • reconfigure google authenticator for linode account
  • reconfigure bluetooth for Jackie’s car

I’m sure there’s a dozen other things that still need to be done.