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Resolved: JBoss EAP 6 threads leaking with Mod_Cluster?

Ever notice that your new EAP implementation appears to be leaking threads? Thread dump pointing to AJP? Does your thread usage resemble the graphs on the top, continuously climbing?


Fortunately, the solution is simple- JBoss and mod_cluster are too brain damaged to account for Apache HTTPD timing out threads and closing them down, so it leaves them having open forever rather than have a sane (or even insane) default timeout. To work around this, add the following to your system-properties in your host.xml, standalone.xml or domain.xml:

 <property name="org.apache.coyote.ajp.DEFAULT_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT" value="600000"/>

Poof, after 10 minutes of idle time, JBoss kills the thread, resulting in the graphs on the bottom after a restart. Leave a comment if this was helpful.

Resolved: JMeter JSESSIONID keeps changing between pages on JBoss and Mod_Cluster

The problem isn’t with your server, it’s with your cookie manager.

Make sure you’re using the default Cookie Policy with the HC4CookieHandler implementation.

Leave a comment if this helped you out. it took an hour of searching to figure it out…

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