Notes from Day 2:

  1. subscribe is the other side of notify the same way require is for before.
  2. In puppet.conf, under [agent] set graph=true for previously mentioned dot file creation.
  3. I need to take a look at concat, file_line and augeas.
  4. Use puppet parser validate init.pp to quick validate syntax.
  5. audit=>’content’ will track changes, even if puppet doesn’t care what it is.
  6. Setting default values in a class can drastically reduce manifest size.
  7. Use ${::hostname} to access the fact hostname rather than a potentially overridden local value.
  8. Use path=>’blah‘ more to make exec command easier to read;
  9. You can test fact conditionals with FACTER_operatingsystem=Debian puppet apply ../tests/init.pp.
  10. check out vagrant, looks useful.
  11. You can use rubular to test regexes.
  12. There is a presentation on using “profiles and roles” design pattern that’s worth rereading
  13. Profiles can be treated as a collection of modules.
  14. razor server is the provisioning tool that Joe mentioned, but it’s not ready for prod usage.
  15. We can define a new resource type for vhosts and define them individually. I need to keep an eye out for other uses.