So now that I’m back at an employer that does consulting work, I am re-contemplating getting some certifications simply so I look more valuable on paper. I figure, what the hell, might as well look at an RHCE or RHCSA, so I googled around and found Redhat’s evaluation exam- Here’s the results from the 80 question evaluation:

Topic Evaluation
Software Management Some Understanding
Network Management Unfamiliar
Managing SELinux Limited Knowledge
NTP Server Configuration Deep Understanding
Centralized and Secure Storage Limited Knowledge
Web Server Additional Configuration Limited Knowledge
Basic SMTP Configuration Deep Understanding
Caching-Only DNS Server Deep Understanding
File Sharing with NFS Deep Understanding
Securing Network Services Deep Understanding
Troubleshooting Boot Process Deep Understanding
Tuning and Maintaining the Kernel Deep Understanding
Enhance User Security Deep Understanding
BASH Scripting and Tools Limited Knowledge
Network Configuration and Troubleshooting Limited Knowledge
Administering Users and Groups Limited Knowledge
Manage System Resources Substantial Knowledge
Installing and Managing Software Deep Understanding
Administer Remote Systems Deep Understanding
Deploy and Secure File Sharing Services Deep Understanding
Managing SELinux Limited Knowledge
Managing Simple Partitions and Filesystems Limited Knowledge
Logical Volume Management Deep Understanding
Essential Command-Line Operations Deep Understanding
Managing Simple Partitions and Filesystems Limited Knowledge
Managing Flexible Storage with Logical Volumes Some Understanding
Controlling access to Files Substantial Knowledge
Installing and Managing Software Limited Knowledge

I wish they provided more feedback on what questions I failed- I know that I botched a chunk of the yum, lvm and SELinux questions, but I don’t know which scripting and networking questions I failed. In either case, it’s not a bad starting point. With a good round of studying I’d imagine I should be able to tackle this test.