Continuing on with my location generation, lets look at another type: the Battleground.

What do we know about battlegrounds? are they fresh? ancient? how are they recognized? is there lore? are they well known?

During your travels, you stumble across the site of a[n ancient/ recent] battle.

The field is [several/dozens of/hundreds of] yards in length and littered with bones and rusted weapons. Nearby you find the signs of a mass grave. [trenches/barricades/towers] still stand over the site.

Legends hint that this battle was waged between [regionX] and [regionY/a horde] over [territory/taxes/politics/sovereignty]. After [a few/several/dozens of] [hours/days/years] of war, [regionx/regiony/the horde] won a [decisive/slim/miniscule] victory. Stories of the battle are [rare/plentiful/common/unknown]. Local settlements [love/hate/avoid/loathe] talking about the battle. It is seen as a [decisive/uniting] moment in the region’s history.

This was also the battle where [name] the [adjective] was [first seen/killed/betrayed]. With [his/her] trusty [axe/sword/bow] in hand, [he/she] fought for [regionx/regiony] until his eventual [victory/defeat/death/betrayal].

As you approach, you see [recent/ancient/no] signs of life.

It is [noon/evening/midnight]. The air is [cold and thin/humid/hot/sticky]. [Grey/White/Purple/Dark/Ominous] clouds [streak/cover] the sky [in the distance/overhead]

What else could I add?