So my CityGenerator is cool and all, but cities aren’t the only interesting thing to stumble across in the world.

So what else is there? What else would an adventurer run into that isn’t an “encounter”? I’m looking for things that people can run across that lead to encounters and further flesh out the world.

So far I have them broken into the following types:

  1. ruins
  2. battleground
  3. sculpture
  4. vegetation
  5. trail
  6. building
  7. object
  8. herd
  9. traveler
  10. magical
  11. disaster
  12. military
  13. holy
  14. sign
  15. landform

So lets start with the Ruins. What types of ruins are there? what are some interesting features? What else would be of value? Lets try a few examples:

During your travels, you stumble across an ancient ruin. It looks to be the remains of a [fortress/castle/village/keep/tower] that was abandoned [several/dozens of/hundreds of] [years/decades/centuries] ago. Several walls have crumbled to the ground, and those that stand are covered with [moss/vines/weeds].

As you approach, you see [recent/ancient/no] signs of life.

It is [noon/evening/midnight]. The air is [cold and thin/humid/hot/sticky]. [Grey/White/Purple/Dark/Ominous] clouds [streak/cover] the sky [in the distance/overhead]

What else could I add?