When word of Willis opening reached your realm, you were intrigued. There were reasons for leaving home, and the news of Willis was perfectly timed. Destiny, opportunity- call it what you will, but the ship to take you to Willis couldn’t arrive soon enough.

Disembarking, you and a dozen others are led from the docks into the back of a covered wagon, which is sealed behind you. You have no idea where you’re headed, but the clop-clop of horseshoes on cobblestones continues for several minutes. When the wagon stopped, a wizard in black and yellow robes flung open the cover,  simply commanding “Come with me.” You file out and follow him into a decrepit building. As your names are called off, you are ushered into various waiting rooms.

You came to Willis for various reasons and from various lands, yet find yourselves sitting in the same office. Immigrants are required to earn their citizenship by serving as a “foreign legion” force that the officials use to deal with problems that they don’t really want to waste good troops on. The terms of the service vary with the city’s needs, however your combined skillset has landed you on the same team. After an undetermined amount of time, your debt will be repaid and you will be citizens.

You have little knowledge of the realm or of the tasks ahead. Only that the works is dangerous and pays little, but the reward of citizenship in the great kingdom of Willis is far too tempting to pass up.


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