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SPoE: cleanup and status

I’ve been relatively quiet on SPoE because I’ve been focused. Users can now register, log in, log out, and view existing snippets. I’ve added a jquery navigation menu which looks slick in firefox but ugly in IE 7. I’ve also added wymEditor for adding snippets, despite the fact that it doesn’t save; I’m not sure if it’s the final choice, but it’ll work for now.

The card system was a complete catastrophe;  I was too focused on learning the framework and building out parts as I figured it out. I’ve now reached a point where I have several tasks I can complete, so perhaps cards will be more useful.

The Wireframe Sketcher tool has been very useful in helping me visualize what needs to be created. The writer of the plugin deemed my previous open source work good enough to grant me a free license, to which I’m thankful.

Oh, and I switched from JBoss to Tomcat for development. Logging is broken and more of a pain, but the restart times make it worth the switch. This also allows me to get rid of my defaultDS config.

As always, you can check the status via Hudson, or play with the site at using the credentials jmorgan:hello. I wipe the db and deploy regularly, so don’t be surprised if things don’t always work.

Next tasks to work on:

  • I want to be able to change passwords and other profile information [done]
  • I want to be able to reset passwords via email [done]
  • I want tomcat to properly log errors [done]
  • save edited snippets [done]
  • set up testng/integration testing

SPoE: Sketching in Eclipse

After my last round of mock-up tools fizzled out, I moved on to other things. Today I had a coworker inform me that Eclipse has a mock-up plugin. After giving it a spin, I have to say it’s the best of all the apps I’ve tried to use. I am amused that the solution to my problem has been sitting right under my nose this entire time. Sadly, it’s a non-free plugin, but I’m not sure what that means yet. If I can get a feel down for basic usage however, I’ll be happy.

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