So SpringFuse was a dud. In the end it was just wasn’t a good fit for me. I’m trying to learn java and spring along the way and the library conflicts were getting out of hand. I dumped it and more or less zeroed out my checkout.

On the bright side, trying to debug springfuse taught me quite a bit about maven, java dependencies,  using eclipse for debugging, and spring classes. By the time I grabbed mvc-basic from springsource samples and started looking at how it handled accounts, I had a fairly good grasp of how to not only understand spring, but debug common issues. All that said, I still know relatively nothing compared to some of the devs I know.

Finally, I found some great tools for wireframing. So far I’ve only played with Cacoo, but there are a few others I want to try. I need to start mocking up what I really want from this site.