Not too great, to be honest. Some things grew great only to not produce, while others were surprisingly abundant. Starting from left to right, these are notes for myself for next year.

Parsley: Survived the winter only to be transplanted to a planter and die. Next year will keep it in the ground.

Chives: Gangbusters. more than I’ll ever eat. Will keep them around.

Cillantro: Seeded out too quickly, but produced well. I need to figure out a staggered growth approach for next year.

Jalapeno: Several plants, most grew very well. I made the mistake of interleaving rows with Broccoli- the jalapenos in between didn’t get enough light and are small.

Broccoli: Jury is still out. It’s much bigger than I thought and barely starting to produce- the first one is turning brown, leading me to think it either didn’t get enough water, or they’re all gonna go bad. Lot of wasted real estate.

Basil: Plenty grew in, don’t have a food processor for making pesto.  can probably plant less next year.

Sage: Only one survived, haven’t used it. Sorta sickly. May not replant.

Oregano: Slowly but surely growing. Should be crazy growth next year.

Roma Tomatoes: Damn squirrels are stealing them, a few had bugs. Nothing salvaged. Need to cage from squirrels next year, otherwise don’t plant.

Green Beans: The surprise of the year, they came in fairly well. Enough once a week for 2 people. Next year we’ll plant a few more so we can have enough for everyone. Note that garden green beans are not vines, so don’t bother putting in cages.

Leaf Lettuce: Grew great, would be better if I ate salads. May try Iceberg next year since this was surprisingly tall and blocked much of the garden.

Carrots: Jury still out- can’t tell how well they grew until we harvest. Lettuce hid them, so I’m not sure they’ll be very big.

Corn: A travesty. Over 6 feet tall until the squirrels descended. Completely ruined. Don’t plant again at this address.

Georgia Onions: Jury still out; the one I did dig up early was expectedly small, but fairly tasty. Requires a lot of real estate for something that can only be harvested once.

Green/Red Peppers: Only two so far, but they turned out nice. May plant more next year. Good for fajitas.

Patio Tomatoes: Got half a dozen before the squirrels found them- I liked them quite a bit. Small and meaty. Need to protect them

Cucumbers: Only one has grown so far, and squirrels chewed it up. Probably won’t try next year.

Raspberries: Produced a lot in the spring, just an ugly bush now. Will keep them going.

Blueberries: Barely anything produced, nothing edible. Will give them one more year.

Stawberries: Need more real-estate. May try flowerbed out front.

Rosemary, Pumpkins, Watermellons, and cantaloupe didn’t take.

So what’s the plan for next year? This is what I’ve decided so far.

Salsa makings: Cilantro,  Jalapenos, Onions, Garlic, Tomatoes

Fruit: Stawberries, Raspberries

Veggies: Green beans

Spices: Oregano, Basil, Chives, Parsley