Jackie wanted me to reconfigure her scanner (since she hasn’t used it since I reloaded her system a while back) and I remembered what a pain it was to configure. A quick google search turned up the article I wrote three years ago, so I thought I’d do follow-up article to see what’s changed.

Get the Drivers

Since my last installation, things have changed. a bit. Many different distros are now supported, so we don’t have to shoehorn the RPMs onto the system with Alien. Here are the packages I grabbed off their site:


Once you have them, you can install them along with sane and sane utils:

sudo dpkg -i iscan_2.25.0-1.ltdl7_i386.deb iscan-data_1.0.1-1_all.deb iscan-plugin-gt-f700_2.1.0-3_i386.deb
sudo apt-get install sane sane-utils

Edit the Configs

Edit /etc/sane.d/dll.conf, adding epkowa to the list.

Create /etc/udev/rules.d/45-libsane.rules, adding the following:

# Epson Perfection v350
SYSFS{idVendor}=="04b8", SYSFS{idProduct}=="012f", MODE="664", GROUP="scanner"

I use the group “scanner” above; You could go the easy route and use a group that you’re already part of, such as “users” or “admin”, otherwise you’ll have to create the scanner group, add yourself to it, then log out and log back in.

Finishing Up

Afterwards, connect your scanner and run the following command:

scanimage -L

The scanner should fire up now, which means you can use your newly installed iscan app to scan pictures.