I watch a lot of TV… well, I should qualify that; I do a lot of stuff with the TV on. I pay attention to the shows, but I’ll be doing other things. Since about halfway through November I started losing track of shows- mainly because of the stupid seasonal holiday crap. Here’s the stuff that I’ve watched at one time and lost track of:

  • Dollhouse (Finished)
  • Defying Gravity (Finished)
  • Fringe (Caught up as of Feb 12th)
  • Tosh.0 (Currently Follow)
  • Caprica (Currently Follow)
  • Lost (Caught up as of Mar 21th)
  • Stargate Universe (Caught up as of Feb 12th)
  • Heroes (Caught up as of Mar 21th)
  • CSI (Followed)
  • Scrubs (Followed)
  • House (haven’t followed but like it)
  • Chuck (haven’t followed but like it)
  • Bones (haven’t followed but like it)
  • Dexter (haven’t followed but like it)
  • Big Bang Theory (haven’t followed but like it)
  • Dirty Jobs (haven’t followed but like it)
  • Mythbusters (haven’t followed but like it)
  • CSI: Miami (haven’t followed but like it)
  • Doctor Who (Caught up as of Jan 1st)
  • Legend of the Seeker (Binge)
  • Supernatural (Binge)

Seems like a lot, but I never really watched them all at the same time. Shows like Chuck and House I’ve caught bits of over the years and like, where as Supernatural and Doctor Who I watched episodes back-to-back, devouring entire seasons over the course of a few days. So how did I get so far behind on the others? Combination of “christmas break” in programming combined with new job and crazy schedule didn’t help, but the standard “show stopped and I have no idea when it’ll be back on” yearly routine was what really killed it.

Anyways, now that the 2009/2010 season is picking back up and I need to figure out what I’ve missed, and how to catch up. I wish that the networks would better utilize Hulu, too- I can’t afford boxed sets, so that gives me the option of watching it on Hulu with commercials, or finding it elsewhere and them not getting a cent. My budget dictates what I watch- I’d like to watch the TrueBlood, but I can’t afford HBO. If they put their shows on Hulu behind a paywall, I won’t watch them, either.

OH, and a special shoutout to CW. They have flash all over their site, unless you try to watch their shows- they they want to install their own little EXE, which means their either too stupid to use one of the bazillion flash video players out there, or they want/need functionality that flash doesn’t provide- something lower level, like spyware would need. To CW, I say “thank you for Supernatural, lose the shitty website and maybe I’ll use it.”