The second half of Ziggy’s autobiography has finally reached the finished rough draft stage. I was just starting the 3rd draft of The Rise when November (NaNoWriMo) struck, and I dropped everything to begin The Fall. Now that the rough draft of The Fall is complete, I can go back to revising the The Rise. It’s been a wild journey tracking this story; my initial vision had been a single book, but it quickly grew into something larger than that.

My hope is that the book is enjoyable and compelling; if/when I finish these and they’re well received, I’ll continue to write. There’s plenty in Ziggy’s world that needs telling- the origins of Willis, the fall of King Vern, and of course the trilogy that is supposed to follow Ziggy’s story, which will be the next set I do. After that I have two or three more books about Ziggy to write.

In the meantime, I’ll just be happy to finish these two. Maybe someday I’ll get around to revising and finishing Sinblade and the half dozen other non-Willis books I have floating around in my head.