So I’ve been keeping busy with the outside of the house the past few days.

Cleaning the Shed

A few weeks ago I cleaned out the shed, but I still have a lot of crap in there. This past weekend I got around to hanging a shovel/rake tool organizer thing, plus a couple of J hooks so the floor is mostly clean. All that’s left is getting the stupid toilet and sink outta there.


The old back gate used to be too small (35″ in a 40″ gap), so the previous owner jammed a plank into the ground to block the gap and called it good. I ripped out the old gate, put in a new post and put in a new 42″ gate. I was afraid I shortened the rail a bit too much, but it worked out pretty well. I put a bigger latch in place to hold the gate and added a couple washers so it didn’t jingle around. It turned out pretty nice I think. The only crappy part is the yard is at an angle, so the gate doesn’t swing all the way open. Next spring I’ll get a roller and see if I can fix that, but for now it’s good.

Leveling and Seeding

Since it’s too late/dry in the season for rolling the yard, I leveled the ground another way- more dirt, more dirt, more dirt. Filling holes, laying down grass seed. yard is looking more and more level, and some of the worse ankle turning holes and valleys have been filled.

Moving Plants

so we had these flowering shrubs behind the house where I put my garden- I didn’t move them at first because I wasn’t sure where to put them- but once Jackie and I agreed that putting them by the back fence would work, I pulled those puppies up and transplanted them (after chopping down all the leaves). They look crappy now, but they’re out of the way, giving me more room to plant…

More Garden

Onions and Tomatoes. Jackie and I picked up some Beefsteak and roma tomato plants and some onion seeds, and planted those today. Garden will turn out crappy this year, I’m sure, but I’m just trying to get some experience at this point.

Tree Stump

There’s a dead treestump that is on the property line between me and the neighbors- it looks like it’s mostly on my side of the fence, and more importantly, the dead, hollowed out tops are on my side- I gouged them out, filled them with dirt and planted some oregano (and jackie planted some lavender). There’s already some stuff growing there, but I suspect it’s all weeds. I’ll see what grows though, *shrug*.

ok, time for bed.