I watch Lost. From what I can tell, one of the appeals of the first season was the disconnect between characters. Their lack of communication drove the plot and drove the viewers crazy in the process.

I’ve come to a point in my book where I know what the catalyst is, and I know what the result is, I just don’t know how it gets from point A to point B. What’s the missing part?

Who knows what.

The Setup:
Ziggy is working as a stable boy for an Inn in a small, walled town (Devitt). The Innkeeper (Clayton) and his wife (Katherine) act as surrogate human parents for Ziggy as he acclimates to living with humans.
A powerful wizard (Leopoldo) rides into town and Ziggy, having never seen a wizard, follows him around, earning a stern reprimand from Clayton who fear overzealous retribution from the wizard. Ziggy opens one of the Wizard’s saddle pouches and finds a powerful amulet that he accidentally activates, raising an army of undead from the cemetery south of town. The way the amulet works, if the user is not powerful enough, the zombies attack the user, otherwise they become willing servants. Since Ziggy isn’t a wizard, the zombies stumble forth through the town, making a beeline for him. Since it’s mid-afternoon, the townsfolk react as you’d expect, immediately rushing to attack the zombies (who would have otherwise left them alone).

The Result:
Ziggy flees the town to the north (towards the capital city of Willis, which can handle this threat), knowing that the zombies will follow him. Ziggy feels deep shame, essentially running away. He never travels to Devitt again, and avoids all contact with the town.

The difficult part is figuring out what happens between those two bits of story.

In Between:

  • The Wizard sees Ziggy, realizes he was the one who activated the amulet. Demeans him, gives exposition on how the amulet works and that the zombies are after Ziggy. Says He is responsible for the carnage that ensues, and he’ll deal with him later.
  • After Ziggy flees, the wizard is killed by angry mob who thinks he was controlling the zombies, not trying to stop them.
  • Clayton may or may not be killed in battle


  • Does Clayton know Ziggy betrayed his request?
  • Does Ziggy think Clayton knew Ziggy betrayed his request?
  • Does Katherine know Ziggy betrayed his request?
  • Does Katherine blame Ziggy for Clayton’s death?
  • Does Katherine (or Clayton) know Ziggy survived the battle? Do they know he ran to Willis? Do they care?

How do I tie this up in a way that leaves Ziggy in Willis?