As I discussed earlier about AT&T Still Sucking, it turns out I’ve found a company that’s even worse- West Asset Management.

Now, just to be clear, I gave these guys a fair shake- If a Vulture sees you lying on the ground crawling, it’s expected that they’ll circle. It’s their nature, I won’t fault them for it.

What I WILL fault them for is continually calling me, trying to get me to settle even after I file the dispute charges. I just spent 5 minutes on the phone being berated by one of their telethugs- he

A) admit that I disputed the claims and they received the dispute
B) admitted that my dispute was being processed by them
C) they were waiting to hear back from AT&T
D) that continuing to harass me and attempt to collect while it was being processed on their end was standard operating procedure

So basically they’re going to harass me until I give them money (that I don’t owe) for someone who has admitted that I don’t owe them anything. My favorite part of the whole thing

[me] So let me get this straight- I filed a dispute as you asked me to, and you guys are processing it and waiting for a response back from AT&T. So in the meantime you continue to call me asking me to pay or dispute… do you see the failure of logic here?
[asshat] yes/no. In my experience we are never wrong in this blah blah I’m a moron jackass.

The worst part is he was purposfully antagonizing me- I nearly hung up, but quickly realized it might be one of their rules that hanging up is tantamount to admitting guilt so they’re allow to take further actions (calling at midnight, knocking on my door, etc). so I played it out and asked him (while he was continually berating me) “sir, what do you want from me?” he never answered. Finally after he ran out of steam I asked him if he was done, and told him that I was already disputing the claim and to have a nice day.

So Jackie and I will be looking for a nice attorney who will help us file a cease and desist or harassment charge- whatever it takes to get them to leave me the hell alone. This guy had an attitude problem, and I dearly hope that if this goes to court, they recorded the call so I can drag that shit out and he gets fired. grrrrr.

Ahh. I feel better. A waste of a lunch, but I feel better.