I don’t wanna spend much time on this post because I’m in the groove for editing my book and still have to write two reviews for Literary Escapism.

Gutter Clog

Stupid birds built a nest in my downspout underneath the screen and wire grate that’s supposed to keep them out. managed to get it open, cleaned and happy before it rained friday night.

Basement Clog

When jackie runs the washer, the basement drain backs up. Tried running draino down it, tried snaking it, no joy on both accounts. yesterday I tried something new- shopvac down the drain. WTF was there gravel in there? big rocks as well. cleaned that out, immediately poured water back into the hole, and now it drains fairly fast (in comparison). Need to snake it again, try some heavy duty sewer cleaner.

Freezer Clog

Fridge has been leaking water at regular intervals- not through the bottom into the pan, but into the fridge and out the front door. Emptied the fridge and freezer over the past week, put everything left into a couple coolers with ice overnight and manually defrosted the freezer. This morning I found the drain in the freezer (still) frozen solid and managed to free it. Everything is back in place and the drainage is working properly. Woohoo.

And so that’s what I did this weekend.