ok, so here’s the scoop. I was planning on switching unicron over to CentOS from Ubuntu, but during the prep process, I must have bumped a sata cable on my raid array- the result was me rebooting, rebuilding the drive and shaking it off as a fluke.

A day later, that drive and another failed, which is bad news on a 4 disk raid5 array- usually it means everything is lost.

By some minor miracle, I was able to restore the array, but in the process installed cent into one of the two 1-gig swap partitions (formatted to ext3). From there I was able to make sure the data was backed up.

I had already created the 20 gig partition I planned to install CentOS to (it was unavailable during the raid failure, hence I didn’t use it), so I figured, “what the hell, the server is down I might as well rebuild it now.”

It’s a pain in the ass, but in the end it forced my hand to rebuild the server. The hardest part is remembering all the functionality I’ve set up over the last 2 years. Here’s what I’ve done so far since Friday:

  • reinstall
  • fix funky ext3 partition (/share drive)
  • install screen, irssi, sudo which, lsof, lsusb
  • install bind, dhcp
  • configure bind, dhcp
  • activate bind, dhcp
  • shutdown linksys dhcp
  • modify iptables to let traffic through
  • install apache, mod_ssl
  • reconfigured apache, based on work config
  • imported mysql DBs (including wiki)
  • reinstalled wiki
  • setup ssl certs
  • set up unrealircd
  • ssh keys working
  • configure sshd
  • set up ldap
  • implement ldap into system accounts
  • get ldapadmin working
  • setup snmpd

I’ve done quite a bit more, but this is just what I remembered to document so far. What’s left?

  • get subversion working
  • set up myphpadmin
  • set up /share share
  • set up backups for LE websites
  • set up nessus
  • set up nagios
  • set up nagiosgraph
  • recreate ldap accts
  • set up netflow/ntop

I’m sure this list will grow over the next few days.