Did you know, Ziggy…

  1. has no hair except for his eyelashes. It’s genetic.
  2. was raised by a tribe of hairy, barbaric gnomes.
  3. fights with two clubs.
  4. once helped a flying snakelady crush a landshark with a golden tree.
  5. once outsmarted a sphynx.
  6. has balls of steel
  7. crushed two stone golems without swinging once.
  8. lived in a Kender village for a year and left with more than he came with.
  9. has worn a sheep disguise on more than one occasion.
  10. befriended a Grimlok with bacon.
  11. got his ass kicked by an alpaca.
  12. woke up a sleeping hippo with a club to the head.
  13. tortured a troll with Lye.
  14. once rolled a “dead elf burrito.”
  15. scared off an ogre with an invisible steel dragon.
  16. raised a zombie army that nearly destroyed a town.
  17. worked at a zoo.
  18. likes to write “Thief” on the foreheads of unconscious thieves in permanent marker.
  19. crashed a zeppelin into a swamp.
  20. was eaten by a giant worm.
  21. was almost eaten alive by baboons.
  22. likes to hide in a magic bag.
  23. is known to wear goggles.
  24. can throw his voice.
  25. hates spiders and trolls.