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103,375 words

I recently crossed the 100k barrier and came to a realization- this book is way too long. I think I’m gonna chop it after section 7 (90k words, 360 or so pages) and split it into two books-

The Autobiography of Ziggy Swift: The Rise
The Autobiography of Ziggy Swift: The Fall

This means that the first book is technically complete and ready for a revision. I’d like to finish the rough draft of both books before I proceed with a second draft of the first.

Jackie is about to start working heavy on revising the first section- hopefully that’ll mean I’ll have something for you guys to read soon.

Guitar Lessons

So I’ve started teaching guitar again- This time the cash will go directly towards the G-400. As you can see on the sidebar, I’m now a hair closer. My new student is a coworker who is very excited to learn, so that makes things easy on several fronts (schedules, payment, attendance, etc). At this rate, I should have the guitar by next fall- sooner if I pick up another student (which is a possibility).

that said, I’m still accepting donations 😀

88,056 words.

The Abridged Autobiography of Ziggy Swift has crossed the 88k word threshold as NaNoWriMo ends. I’m not sure if/when it’ll be published- I’m about 1/2 way done with the book and I’m burned out pretty badly. I’ll continue to work on it for the next few months, but I’m not sure when it’ll be finished.

I’ll keep you updated as it continues.

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