Do Not Have Kids If:

  • You value sleep
  • You value your marriage
  • You value not living paycheck to paycheck
  • You value your sanity

Cause right now Ian is fucking all of those up. Jackie walks out of the room, or even acts like it, and he starts screaming bloody murder. We tried letting him cry it out, but no, an hour later he was still going. Right now I’m thinking tomorrow- wait, today- I’m just going to go to work and not come back. I’m just gonna start living in my cube- I’ll bring a pillow and blanket and just fucking sleep there.

Three fucking nights he’s been doing this shit, but it’s been going on for longer than that. For weeks now, ever goddamn night he wakes up two or three times (half the time from that fucking cat), and she goes in there and comforts him. The only difference is now he won’t let her leave the room.

This shit has to stop. I’ve used up all my vacation time- I can’t just call in sick anymore when he pulls this crap.

It stopped- last 2 nights he’s been fine. whew. On the bright side I got the video in the next post to show that I was not going crazy- after 4 nights of that, 45 minutes of sleep, and a 4am fight with jackie about it, I stand by my crankiness.