So I made the mistake of going to guitar center and trying out a epiphone G-400 on a fluke- I was just looking for a book and stumbled across the lefty. I’d never played one before and messed with it for a few minutes before leaving empty-handed.

It got stuck in my head- it felt way different than my pathmaker or strat. A few weeks went by and kept thinking about it. Jackie and I were in the area and we stopped by again and I spent more time with it. I realized then that I really wanted that guitar, but short of an armed heist, there was no way I’d be able to afford it.

So now I’m turning to the interwebs for help. If you like any of the posts on my site, please donate with the Donate button to the right. I’ll keep the meter updated as I get more cash for it. I’m planning on selling some of my equipment to help fund it, so that’ll get the meter going.