Now that the Guitar books are done (enough to sell at least), I can concentrate on gearing up for NaNoWriMo. I’ve added the little image on the right that links to my wordcount. NaNo doesn’t start until November, so I have a month to get all my ideas down. This year I’ll be writing The Autobiography of Ziggy Swift, a first person narrative of the life story of Ziggy, as told by Ziggy. It will fall firmly into the fantasy genre since he’s from a DnD campaign, but I think it’ll still be amusing for the average person to read. My main concern will be how to write a story from the perspective of someone who’s slowly going insane. That’ll be a stretch for me.

If I manage to get through this one, the follow-up will be Ziggy Swift: The Truth, which will be an educational narrative as told by a teacher to his class. He’ll be treated as a historical figure of questionable importance.

Ziggy is one of those characters that follows the creator through life- like Ernest, Radar, Gomer, and Larry the Cable guy- Fortunately I write more than act, so people won’t stop me on the street and ask me if my chickens are dancing finely today.