So I’ve sorta been quiet about it on here, but I’m finally done- I’ve written a book! …well, design might be a better word. It was created for guitarists to uses as a journal for keeping tab for songs. I’ve included a link to my storefront on the top so it’ll be easy to find

You can also buy a copy here:

The storefront will also be used for other books I produce, such as my NaNoWriMo creations.

Unfortunately, since the book is spiral bound, it doesn’t meet the requirements for a free ISBN from Lulu, so I can only sell it on Lulu’s storefront. However, once I sell enough copies to be able to afford an ISBN (must sell 40 books), I’ll buy one, slap it onto a new revision, and make it available on If you know any guitarists, show them this book and encourage them to buy it!