So while browsing fark, I came across this:

Feeling the urge to become so angry that you go cross-eyed? Enjoy the most insane website in the history of the internet

And OH MAN, did it deliver. Wow. Einstein was a fraud, heliocentric model of the solar system is wrong, we live in the united states of Cabotia, Rockefeller is running a conspiracy with Encyclopedia Britannica to remove all negative catholic articles, the WTC attacks were NUCLEAR attacks, the us constitution is condemned by catholic law, Tesla blew up russia or some crazy shit, and the guy who runs the site knows everything about who killed kennedy… argh I just had an aneurysm from trying to gauge the level of dumbfuckery on that site. I’m awestruck at this.

Seriously, the part of me that has hope for humanity desperately clings to the chance that this is a parody/spoof/satire site, but after seeing some of the crazy shit that’s been going on lately, it’s just… damn, I can’t tell. I haven’t found any solid evidence that it is parody, and I’ve been looking for a good half an hour. I just don’t want to accept this as being real. It can’t be.

What’s that tell you about the state of affairs in the world right now?