So guess who I just got an email from?

Rick Davis, McCain Campaign Manager []

Dear Supporter,
The reviews are in from Saturday’s Saddleback Civil Forum on
the Presidency, moderated by Pastor Rick Warren. The critics
agree – John McCain’s straight talk emerged as the big winner
of the night.
blah blah blah

You know what’s amusing about this? I did an experiment a few years back- used a bunk email address to try and “get an ipod absolutely free.” The email address in question was very unique and contained the name of the spamming company so I could track whether or not they did sell the address.

See, this particular scam company turned around and sold the shit out of my email address. Granted, in the fine print they reserved the right to resell it to anyone and everyone willing to pay $0.02 for it, so I can’t bitch too loudly. After making it impossible to get an ipod without entailing some cost, these scammers sold the address to spammers who sold the address to brokers who sold the address to anyone who came along.

I’ve been keeping track of it over the last few years and giggling when I saw some other company lose any future business by spamming me. And guess who bought the email address this time? The GOP, as shown above.

The only way they could have acquired that email address was if they purchased it from someone who purchased it from someone who was a scammer. There was no clean way to acquire this address- it had a tainted root. In either case I’m not a mccain supporter, though I’m sorta expecting the Obama email to come to the same address (however I tend to peg the current republican party as a bit more slimy than the current democratic party).

I thought Mccain was ok in 2000 during the primaries, but now he’s just a shriveled old douchebag who spams me. Go to hell, and get off my interweb tubes! The cool part is I can flag this email as spam with the hopes that any future GOP emails to gmail get flagged as spam. Assholes.

BTW, if anyone wants to level any moral outrage at the GOP, Mccain, or Mr Davis, on my behalf, knock yourself out. And to the GOP- money is tight so I’ll accept hush money to go away and remove this post (provided that it’s a legal bribe like what Ted Stevens got).