Why yes, my internet connection is still fubar’d, thank you for asking.

Here’s your epic fail for the day- my internet connection:

Downstream Upstream
Max Allowed Speed (kbps) 1184 768
SN Margin (dB) 4.70 6.00
Line Attenuation (dB) 34.50 20.50
CRC Errors 2516 413

This image is my download speed since I started monitoring. Note that this is just what the modem is reporting, it does not mean that the connection was usable- most of that time PPoE couldn’t authenticate.

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly- my connection is 1 meg down, 768 up.
As far as signal:noise margin is concerned, here’s what DSL reports had to say (thanks general):

6dB or below is bad and will experience no synch or intermittent synch problems
7dB-10dB is fair but does not leave much room for variances in conditions
11dB-20dB is good with no synch problems
20dB-28dB is excellent
29dB or above is outstanding

so as you can see, my internet tubes have a hairball. Covad came out and tested the line, they confirmed that there was undue resistance on the line, and that the internal wiring was in perfect working order.

We’ll eventually get to the bottom of this.