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ow… ow… ow…

So, we’re in the new house as of yesterday- AT&T just finished the dsl line, and everything is up and running- well, except for the 200 boxes that need unpacking. If the site goes down, let me know- AT&T didn’t bother telling me that my static ip was gonna change- I suppose it makes sense, but my gut instinct is they gave me a dynamic IP instead and it’ll change in the next week or two.

During this move I managed to drop something heavy on my toe, re-injure my heel, and generally exhaust myself. I had to stay home today because both feet hurt if I walk for more than 3 minutes at a time. it’s double the fun running across the yard after Ian. Speaking of which, he loves his new room and goes crazy in the yard (and the sandbox and sprinkler).

OH, and I owe some big thanks out there:

General- he’s helped us move damn near every time- thank you. He was in Chicago the day before and helped us move on 3 hours of sleep.

Ed- I haven’t seen Ed in 6 years, and he jumped at the opportunity to help. Now that he’s only 15 minutes or so away, we’re gonna get together and get the guitars out.

Lee- brought a 2 and a 4-wheel dolly- that made moving SO much simpler, not to mention helped us get rid of some of this delicious cake.

Jeremy- helped move many many boxes despite being jet-lagged from being in California last week.

My parents- my dad packed that truck so full that I’m convinced we wouldn’t have fit it all if I had done it. My mom also helped and more importantly, kept ian entertained.

Ken- Jackie’s dad showed up late to the party but stayed till midnight helping us get a baby-gate in place over the stairwell as well as running cable

Jackie- for not freaking out more than me. That helped a lot 🙂

Ian- for being relatively well behaved, despite not knowing WTF was going on and freaking out when we took his bed apart and took it away. Once he saw the empty apartment, then the empty house, he put the two together quickly.

I don’t think there was anyone else, but if there was, thank you. I’m absolutely totaled, and would be in much worse shape if you hadn’t helped.

Closing Time

So we’re finally closing on the house. We close on the 27th, and take possession on Sunday the 29th. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

The Todo list goes something like this after moving everything and getting settled:

  • [X] Change locks
  • [X] Build child door over stairwell
  • [_] Replace broken glass panes in both bedrooms
  • [_] Clean out bird nests in vents in roof, add screens outside

Next up is things we should do over the next 2 months:

  • [_] replace latch/fix front storm door
  • [_] replace leaky pipe over utility sink
  • [_] Install faucet on utility sink
  • [_] Add railing to stairwell
  • [_] Replace front steps
  • [_] Replace bathub hardware and reseal bathtub
  • [_] fix/replace leaky sprayer on kitchen sink
  • [_] install no-backflow spigot in back of house

Items that we’ll need to buy immediately:

  • [_] Foot coverings for furniture (bed, dressers, crib, couches)
  • [\] stairwell door, hinges and latch
  • [_] staplegun
  • [_] screen
  • [x] shop vac
  • [x] dehumidifier
  • [\] Two brooms [1 already]
  • [\] Two mops [1 already]
  • [\] Two mop buckets [1 already]
  • [_] Trash bags
  • [_] Trash cans
  • [x] Duct tape
  • [_] Fiberglass ladder
  • [x] Garden hose
  • [x] 2-3 plungers
  • [_] Biggest multi-pack of Chlorox wipes that you can find at Costco/SAMS
  • [_] Biggest multi-pack of paper towels that you can find at Costco/SAMS
  • [_] Biggest multi-pack of TP that you can find at Costco/SAMS
  • [_] Door chains
  • [_] Pole/type door locks if they fit your doors.
  • [\] Light bulbs [already have big box of energy savers]
  • [_] Duster on a stick (for cobwebs)
  • [x] Lawnmower
  • [x] Heavy Duty Extension Cord

Anything else I’m missing?


So I was wandering through and stumbled across, a site that supposedly helps you get in shape by getting you to do 100 pushups in a row. It lasts 6 weeks and I figured what the hell, I’ll give it a try.

My initial test was 8- I could have done more, but my lower abs weren’t used to holding the 20lbs of flab and started feeling like I was gonna have a hernia. Since I didn’t think I could complete any more with proper form, I cut off at 8. I’m not trying to impress anyone at the moment, but hopefully in 6 weeks, I’ll be able to impress people.

Today I completed Day 1. Since I’m using column 2, I only had to do 7. I’m gonna try and do these either before jackie gets up or after she goes to sleep so I don’t feel self conscious.

Good Wii Games I don’t have…

So I think I need to actually keep track of the Wii games I like so I don’t lose track of them. Here’s what I recall being worth buying, what I am anticipating, and what were good purchases.

  • Mario Kart Wii (bought)
  • Excite Truck (bought)
  • Mario Galaxy
  • Mario Strikers Charged
  • Warioware: Smooth Moves
  • PuzzleQuest
  • Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Metroid Prime: Corruption
  • Spore (?)

More to come as I think of them. Any suggestions?



We hates them, yess prescious, stupid fat banks….

So jackie and I put in an offer on a house march 19th. The sellers agreed on… lets say the 25th of march. So we should have a house, right? Not so fast. Our offer was less than what was owed on the mortgage, so they had to get THEIR bank to approve the short sale. One delay after another. Every 1-7 days they give us another excuse. I’m getting really pissed at this point and needed to vent. 3 damn months to decide whether or not to take the money we’re trying to offer them.

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