So I’ve been quiet the last few weeks- mainly because I’ve been keeping busy. As a lot of you know, I have many little side projects that I never seem to get done. So here’s a quick update:

– Ruma has been put into stasis since the other devs don’t have the free time and neither do I. if anyone wants to take up development of it, I’ll be happy to give them access.

– got about halfway done and then I lost interest. I just couldn’t get into designing the input forms for jackie, and she wasn’t looking forward to having to manually re-enter her recipes.

– Ian now has a guitar so, I’m trying to teach him how to be gentle with it. It’s a $30 first act guitar, so not a huge loss if he destroys it.

– I’ve been working on an rpg battle engine in ruby and tinkering with gosu a bit. I doubt it’ll go anywhere, but usually once every 6 months I debate creating it. I’m about to burn out on that as well.

The big news is jackie and I have been looking for a house for about 2 months now and we put an offer in on a house that’s about 10 minutes from work. The people have accepted our offer, but since it’s for less than what they owe, they have to get the bank to agree to a short sale. If they don’t want to take the loss, we’re sorta screwed and may end up looking elsewhere.

Since it’s our first house, we’re getting a FHA loan to help us get the best deal. The big issue here is they can demand things be fixed (like a leaky roof) before they give the go-ahead. Since it’s a short sale, the bank may not be willing to take more of a loss on the cost to have the repairs made.

I’m fairly optimistic about this house- it’ll require very little work to give it livable (from what we see) and hopefully nothing will be wrong with it. I’d almost like to hear that the roof has another 5 years left on it since that’s our biggest concern. If it needs to be replaced the sellers may do it themselves to save costs and do a shoddy job.

The best part about this particular house is it has an unfinished basement, and I’ll be able to build a large office to house all my hobbies. That’ll make jackie happy since they usually are messy or take up a lot of space. The bigger the office, the longer it’ll take for the hobbies to spill into the rest of the house 🙂

Regardless of the outcome, a house in in the plans, so I added a new house category.