When I moved into Secchia Hall back in the fall of 2001, my mom took me to Sams to buy my first real piece of furniture- a Desk chair. The dorm room was unfurnished, so I ended up getting a futon and a desk as well. The desk was cheaply made and only survived one move. The futon was horribly uncomfortable, and given to Jackie’s dad shortly thereafter. The only thing that followed me was the chair.

It wasn’t a great chair. A simple office chair with a padded fake-leather seat and backing, held together at a 90 degree angle by rectangular tube arms. Over the years the fake leather ripped and peeled, cracked and absorbed sweat.

The chair followed me from Secchia to Brookmeadow; it came with us when we moved to Kentwood to be closer to my new job. I sat in that chair through unemployment, and brought it with me to DC. The chair came back to Michigan and into Ramblewood, where it saw me through a hellish job, a layoff and an eventual rehiring. It came to Rochester where I’ve been for over a year.

Today I left the chair up by the dumpster. It’s just a stupid chair. I’d thought of getting rid of it over the past 3 years, but never could. Since I’m always on the laptop these days and never in the office, there’s no need to have 2 chairs. When I dropped it off, it flashed through my head how it’s always been there.

Goodbye chair. I will miss you.