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My political conspiracy theory

I do my best to avoid politics on this site because it’ll always piss someone off. I don’t like the bible-thumping direction the republican party has taken over the past decade or two, and I can’t stand the democrats demands that we give up personal freedoms to save the children.

I’m gonna talk about politics today because I’ve noticed something happening that’s so surreal I had to say something. I’ll use the names Candidate A, B, etc to represent the players in this little scenario.

After watching how the Michigan and Florida democratic primaries went down, I started to wonder if maybe there was an underlying conspiracy to guarantee those delegates to a certain candidate. Imagine the following scenario:

  1. Candidate A has supporters in a position of power that helps move the state’s primary forward on the primary schedule against party rules.
  2. Candidate A has connections in The Party that disqualifies the state and have it’s delegates stripped in punishment.
  3. Candidates make a pact not to campaign in the state. All act ashamed of the State’s behavior.
  4. Candidates B,C,D, and E remove themselves from the ballot in deference to party rules, while Candidate A leaves their name on the ballot.
  5. Candidate A gets the lion share of votes in the state since they’re not only the only one on the ballot, but any votes for names not on the ballot (B,C,D,E) are thrown out.
  6. After everything is said and done, Candidate A petitions for the state’s delegates to be reinstated, essentially saying “the citizens shouldn’t be punished for the actions of their leadership”.
  7. Candidate A’s connections in The Party change their minds and decide to reinstate the delegates, essentially handing over the delegates to Candidate A with no competition.
  8. The delegates handed over to Candidate A is enough to give them enough to get the nomination for the party.

We’ve seen everything except the last two steps. The sane thing would be for the democratic party to have a “redo” on their election and make it fair for all candidates. Anything less will be bad news.

I am curious to see how this turns out- I think that if this does play out like I’ve outlined and the American public figures it out, there’s a good chance the resulting disillusionment will result in a republican president.

My chair

When I moved into Secchia Hall back in the fall of 2001, my mom took me to Sams to buy my first real piece of furniture- a Desk chair. The dorm room was unfurnished, so I ended up getting a futon and a desk as well. The desk was cheaply made and only survived one move. The futon was horribly uncomfortable, and given to Jackie’s dad shortly thereafter. The only thing that followed me was the chair.

It wasn’t a great chair. A simple office chair with a padded fake-leather seat and backing, held together at a 90 degree angle by rectangular tube arms. Over the years the fake leather ripped and peeled, cracked and absorbed sweat.

The chair followed me from Secchia to Brookmeadow; it came with us when we moved to Kentwood to be closer to my new job. I sat in that chair through unemployment, and brought it with me to DC. The chair came back to Michigan and into Ramblewood, where it saw me through a hellish job, a layoff and an eventual rehiring. It came to Rochester where I’ve been for over a year.

Today I left the chair up by the dumpster. It’s just a stupid chair. I’d thought of getting rid of it over the past 3 years, but never could. Since I’m always on the laptop these days and never in the office, there’s no need to have 2 chairs. When I dropped it off, it flashed through my head how it’s always been there.

Goodbye chair. I will miss you.

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