So I’ve been working on a new project called Ruma(more on it later), and I’m beginning to get frustrated with the LDAP support. So far I’ve found
* ruby/ldap, ruby-ldap, ldap-ruby by ian macdonald, last release 8/2006
* net-ldap, Net::LDAP by Francis Cianfrocca, last release 8/2006
* ruby-activeldap, ActiveLDAP-ruby by Will Drewry, last release 5/2007

ldap-ruby appears to be the frontrunner, but hasn’t been updated in a year- the forums appear to think it’s been abandoned. Net::LDAP appears to be a work in progress that isn’t quite complete. ActiveLDAP-ruby appears to be mainly for rails, so I don’t know how useful it is.

When you search for ruby ldap, you can any of those name combinations, and it’s impossible to figure out which is alive, which is stable, and which is useful. At this point I don’t think any of the projects meets all three criteria at the moment.