So Jackie’s been sitting at home with Ian for 4 months now and is incredibly bored. All she every does is read. I suggested a hobby, but she doesn’t really have any (except scrapbooking, which is expensive)- So what I want to do is get some ideas from all the people who read my site. Here are the base rules:

  • cheap- no more than $25 start up cost and that must last 3 weeks.
  • work from home- Jackie doesn’t have a car during the day
  • Not computer-related
  • Space limited- it’s a small apartment, so Float-building is out.
  • baby friendly- Ian is still a factor since she’s home with him all day:
    • baby safe (no toxic fumes, molten metal, etc)
    • drop/pickup easily (Ian gets hungry/poops often and unpredictably)

I’m sure there’s more little rules, but those are good enough for now- Here’s what I’ve thought of:

  • Carving:
    • Wood figurines
    • Plaster figurines
    • Soap figurines
  • Painting:
    • figurines/miniatures
    • small statues
    • ceramics
  • play with electronics (we have a 100 in 1 electronic experiments board)
  • Music:
    • Learn to sing
    • Learn Keyboard (have one)
    • Learn Bass (have one)
    • relearn clarinet (she has one)
  • making puppets/muppets/marionettes
  • find a work-at-home clerical/dataentry/paperpusher job (what she’s currently looking for)

Any suggestions guys? I really need some help with this one.