I’ve been using and promoting open source for about 7 years now- it started back in 2000 when I began writing php and playing with apache. In 2003 I made the full switch to Linux. Since then I’ve produced several small little projects and put them under the GPL in hopes that it would help someone else. I’ve also written many articles and how-tos for my site to help spread what I’ve learned.

This past week has been a major milestone for me as I’ve joined the Luma team. For those of you not familiar, Luma is an LDAP browser and administration tool written in Python and QT. My capacity is limited at the moment, since I don’t really know python and am only remotely familiar with QT development- I have, however, been using luma for 2 years now for various ldap based projects.

I’ve already cleaned up and helped organize the bugtracker, and am currently working on an LDIF Importer plugin to feel my way around Luma’s API and python in general. I finally feel like I am giving back to the community.

If you have access to an LDAP server (be it AD, OpenLDAP, Domino, Novell’s, etc), give Luma a try and give us some feedback. We’re looking for beta-testers and python developers- Heck, if you wanted to just comment the code, that’d be great as well. Feel free to stop by #luma on freenode- we’re always minimally paying attention and can probably answer any questions you may have.