I was really looking forward to this game- I vaguely remembered playing Metal Slug at a Pizza Hut many years ago, and was looking forward to seeing all the games wrapped up into one package (it even had a new sequel, Metal Slug 6, included). The game is a side scroller shoot-em-up where you get different guns and shoot the bad guys before they shoot you.

When I got it home and started playing it, I found a slight problem- it’s a perfect replica of the arcade game- you die quick and have to put in another quarter- only instead of quarters, you press start. I found myself pressing start every 30 seconds or so, again and again… and I beat Metal Slug 6 (the new one) in about 15-20 minutes.

It was fun as a one time rental, but there was no replayability. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re really bored and have rented everything else. You can put this one on the third tier.