I have a horrible habit of remembering bits and pieces of all sorts of random stuff- this includes faces.

I may not remember your name or where I saw you but I’ll never forget a face.
Last night on Heroes they did a preview for episode 10- they had a 1 second flash of a minor character’s face that I recognized:

that guy on heroes

and I spent an hour last night trying to remember wtf he was from- unfortunately nbc didn’t have the promo clip up yet so I didn’t have the screenshot in hand.
Flash forward to tonight, when jackie and I get back from the store and she agrees to help me. I find the promo and spend 10 minutes trying to stop on the exact frame (they did a focus change to his face for that 1 second they showed him). Jackie instantly recognized him and attempted to look up his imdb entry, but once I saw she was looking under CSI, I knew exactly who he was- David the coroner’s assistant from CSI.

So while my memory was good, jackie totally surpassed me by knowing where he was from. Good job dear.