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DnD has continued

So I took up playing DnD again about 4 months or so ago and our “weekly” meetings lasted for all of 3 weeks before turning into monthly meetings- we’ve finally got things back on track with 2 games in a row, and here’s a little breakdown of what happened at this last one-

the guys are trying to find this statue piece- they slaughtered a den of Lizardfolk looking for t and found out that they had just sold it for a can of “Holy Green Beans”.

So they set off in persuit of the guy in their donkey cart, which is fortunate because the guy they’re chasing is also on a donkey card and has a half day lead on them. Along the way they run into a little girl who is screaming that they took her mother and they need to follow her and save her mom. the girl then runs into the forest.

Even though they suspect a trap, they walk into the woods and find an old stone manor and evidence the girl ran in there- once the guys get in, the entryway collapses trapping them inside. they find the house is filled with zombies, mushrooms and bugs- but no girl. they manage to get out via a dumbwaiter to the second floor and find the girls bag she was carring was purposfully slit to leave a trail, and no sign of the girl. They decide to get the heck out and head back to their cart… which is now missing.

So they head out on foot after the guy they’re following. Along the way Tagnus(krox) notices someone spying on them from the woods and shoots his Rod of Wonder in their direction, dropping a 6d6 fireball on their head. They run off into the woods. After an hour or two see that he’s broken a wheel and left the cart on the side of the road. With a little gnomish enginuity, they rig it to be steered and powered with a decanter of endless air and of water.

They eventually catch up to the people they’re following, nailing them with the decantur and rushing into battle. Ferny recognizes one of the assailants as Roy, a friend from his home village. The other is Ziggy, who claims to be in the mood for pie. They explain that they’re on a hunting expidition looking for parts of a statue- they’ve already purchased one from the lizardfolks and just missed finding another piece in Roy’s and ferny’s home town, but the town was demolished by the time they got there.

Tagnus convinces Ziggy and Roy that they work for this burmat guy as well and were sent to help them. Ziggy explains he has a Ring gate that he fed the piece through to get it back to burmat and he no longer has it. They join forces and head to the nearest large city- Perth.

Tune in next week for probably something a little more exciting.

Too Much TV..

So since I’ve been laid off, I’ve been watching a lot of TV in the background while keeping busy… seasons 2 and 3 of Deadwood, 4 and 5 of the Dead Zone, all of Invader Zim, Bones, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica, My Name is Earl, Lost, etc.

That’s a Lot of TV. Of the shows that I’m going to keep track of this season, Lost, My Name is Earl, BSG, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, and maybe 24 are on the list.

… That’s a lot of TV.

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