I haven’t mentioned the fatso walks yet, so I thought I’d bring them up.
I found that if I can get my BMI down to a reasonable number, I can save $50 a month on my life insurance. All I have to do is attempt to lose 40-50 lbs.

I’ve decided to start walking around the block every night to see how long I can keep doing it without missing a night, camping trips and other trips aside. So far I started last wednesday, and have walked every day since.

My normal loop was about 1.9 miles, but the as of last night I’m switching to the 3.15 mile loop- it takes a little over an hour to complete walking in a group of 4 for the new loop.

I will continue this and eating grape nuts for breakfast until I can jog this path, then I’ll start running down to monk’s house on 84th. I must get unfat.