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Sick Motherfuckers.

So on our way home from getting the first ultrasound, jackie and I had the unpleasant experience ot driving down 44th street in rushour traffic. What made this different than any other day?

Abortion Protestors with giant fucking dead baby posters.

Thse are the same people who protested the passion of the christ for being too bloody. The same asswipes that forced Indiana Jones to get the first ever PG 13 because of melting people. The same fuckfaces that want to ban GTA:SA for showing two models having sex.

You know what? Fuck you, religious right, that’s goddamn unneeded. To force that shit on people who are stuck in traffic? Are you fucking sick in the head?

Jesus Christ, may god have mercy on your fucking souls for that shit.

For shame.

spring cleaning

I have a habit of moving stuff to my website’s root directory and sending temp links to people. I’ve recently went about cleaning it out (which I do about once a year) and found some interesting bits… Here’s a job posting I wrote for a position we were hiring for at a previous employer:

We're currently looking for a Mid-Upper level Perl Web Application
Developer.  If FrontPage or Dreamweaver is on your resume, please do not
reply. Degree In Computer Science a plus.

        - over 2 years experience with Perl.
        - Strong Web Development background
        - Strong Postgresql experience
        - Strong Linux Experience
        - Ability to learn new Technologies
        - Flash experience
        - Java experience
        - Debian experience
        - Strong understanding of related web technologies (CSS, javascript,etc)

nice to have:
        - php experience
        - mysql experience
        - XML experience
        - Subversion experience

Please include a list of any open source projects you have contributed to.

Ziggy release 1.0

Well, I’ve got this turd polished well enough to release Ziggy 1.0. There’s still a lot left to do, and a lot more to add, but this is a good place for people to start looking at it.

Feel free to download it and take him apart- I’ve included the very truncated Dribbly.xml profile (dribbly is surly, be forewarned) and kept ziggy’s real config under wraps. enjoy!

Yay I’m 1.0!

Happy birthday to me, I live in a tree, happy birthday dear me- happy birthday to me.

Gentoo is too powerful

So I learned something new today. Apparently our UPS is rated to 3K, and we just added 3 new machines to it, putting it at 4 out of 5 bars for load.

These three new machines are running gentoo on dual-xeon processors. I made the mistake of attempting to recompile subversion on all three machines at the same time.

Suddenly, all the servers stopped responding. When we went into the serverroom, all the machines in the dell rack were off- the UPS had tripped. Apparently the combined churning of 6 hyperthreaded 3ghz xeons was enough to overload the UPS and trip it. Awesome.


I’ll make sure not to do that again… or more likely, I’ll tell management we need a new/another UPS for that rack. It was a good stresstest- we know know that if those servers have any load put on them, they’ll take down all of our stuff (in that rack).

My Pickled Herring is not Red

11:13 -!- lori [45dddd1f@A3455140.59D83169.126F8B2.IP] has joined #irc
11:13 < lori> jesse are you there?
11:14 < ~ziggy> he might be
11:14 < ~ziggy> want me to go get him?
11:14 < lori> sure why not
11:15  * ziggy runs off with a pickled herring under his arm
11:15 < morgajel> yo
11:16 < lori> what is jackie's work number?
11:17 < morgajel> *shrug*
11:17 < morgajel> I don't know.
11:17 < lori> well what good are you?
11:20 < ~ziggy> we're all wondering that
11:21 < ~ziggy> well, other than sperm donor- he seems to have gotten that 


Bad Dream

Had another weird dream. There was more to the dream, but the last 30 seconds of it overshadowed the rest. some parts were spilled along a highway and jackie and I were cleaning them up (was a large project, 20 other people doing this too) and I decide to grab onto the back of the car while jackie drives to the next part.

But she doesn’t slow down. She keeps going faster and faster, thinking it’s funny, and I start yelling at her to slow down. at this point she’s doing 60 mph. I just hear her giggling. The next thing I know I’m clutching onto the sides of the roof of the car screaming at her to slow down, my chest pounding, and she’s doing 127 mph and I’m starting to slip off. I know I’m about to die.

I wake up with my chest pounding at 6:05 am. My chest actually hurts, and it’s hard to breath, but I’m wide awake and sit up. I’ve had dreams like this before, and I’m convinced this is how I’m going to die- I’ll be 60 years old and have a vivid dream and have a heart-attack.

Oh, BTW.

Jackie is pregnant.

Looks like I’m gonna be a father.

Intro to Vim Tip #4 (Pasting)

If you need to paste into vim from somewhere else, and your code has tabs or spaces in it, you’ll notice that vim may add extra tabs. see, vim doesn’t see it as a paste event, it sees it as “you typing really fast”- and one thing vim does will is auto-indent. The problem is when you paste, you don’t want auto-indentation because your code is already indented.

to temporarily turn off auto-indenting, try this from insert mode:

[esc]:set paste[enter]

go back to insert mode and you should be able to paste without the extra tabs.

More IE Fun

ran into a problem with mod_rewrite and IE- a real one this time. IE was choking on files that were being downloaded via mod_rewrite. same script worked without rewrite, died with it.
Did some research and with a lot of help from noodl of #apache figured out it was because mod_rewrite adds a “Vary: Host” line to the header, which apparently IE chokes on. loaded the header module in apache and added “Header unset Vary” after my rewrite and all is good- cvs, pdf, zip all download properly. Hurray.

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