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Face Cancer

I’ve had this freckle on my right cheek for as long as I can remember. I’ve never really been fond of it, and I guess the freckle took it personally. Last week it started to itch, then swell, then get real sore… then started changing color. At first I thought it was just an ingrown hair or something relatively normal. I told jackie to set up an appointment with the doctor so I could have it looked at.

Then, friday while I was sitting at work, then I rubbed it… and a chunk of flesh came off. It wasn’t really a scab because it was still soft, but reminded me of one.

Then came the bleeding. it bled for a good 15 minutes. I went home, had it bleed the next day, and bleed a whole lot when I took a shower and the scabbing got wet. It had stopped bleeding (mostly) by sunday.

Monday I had the appointment- it was sorta cool. the doctor stabbed me in the face with a needle, and proceeded to hack off part of my cheek for a biopsy. when he was done, he used this cool cautrizer that uses and electric arc to fry the flesh. I was just sitting there completely aware that he was electrocuting my face (my jaw and ear were twinging) and I could smell burnt flesh. Now I have a scar on my face and will find out the biopsy report next week.

While it’s fun to say “Face Cancer,” truth be told I’d rather not have it.

recursing vimrc

I use vim a lot. a *LOT*. One thing that really annoys me is page width. When I’m writing code, I like to have a width set to 78 characters. But in some instances, say when I’m working on a book, I like the width set to 90 characters since it’s easier to read. This got me thinking… if I had vim check the current directory for a config, I could have custom configs for different directories. so in ~/.vimrc, I added

if filereadable("./.vimrc")
        source ./.vimrc

and this works great, with one exception… what if i’m sitting in my home directory?

morgajel@p-nut ~ $ vim .vimrc
Error detected while processing /home/morgajel/.vimrc:
E169: Command too recursive
Hit ENTER or type command to continue

it goes into a recursive loop… so now my question is, how do I prevent that? I’m presuming that “changing the if statement to also check and make sure the current directory isn’t home” is the way to go, but I’m not seeing much documentation on how to go about doing it, or at least I’m not looking for the correct thing. Any suggestions?

ur mom

ok I need help- I need some ur mom jokes. I’d come up with my own but I’m heading over to ur mom’s right now. Just leave them in the comments.

SSL problem

So here’s the problem: We’re setting up a new mailserver for our customers at work and I’d like for them to use SSL on their imap connections- the problem is we don’t want to get an SSL cert for each of the domains (there are around 30 and it’s constantly changing). After talking to the ssl people, they said that getting a cert for the ip would be the best solution.

so our mailserver (mail1) has an SSL cert for Everything seems to work in outlook express, which is what *most* of our customers use…

BUT… kmail on linux and mail on OSX seem to alert that “The IP address of the host does not match the one the certificate was issued to.”(kmail message). when I click on details, there appears to be 3 levels to the “chain” of ssl certification
* Site Certificate
* UTN-USERFirst-Hardware

From what I can see, Site Certificate is identical to, except “The Certificate has not been issued for this host.”

Short of getting an SSL cert for each one of these domains, and adding a new one each time we add a new domain, can we make this error go away? I’m looking for a universal solution for all clients if possible

The laws of Fire and Tools

Saw this on fark, worth repeating- Leperflesh provided both of these:

Law of Fire.

Any fire is the man’s fire. If there is a fire present, it is yours to manage. If there is more then one man present, priority of ownership of the fire is as follows:

-if one of the men made the fire, it is his.
-failing that, if one of the men lives there, it is his.
-if more then one of the men live there, and none of them made the fire, the fire belongs to whoever begins to tend it first.
-a woman only owns the fire if there are no men present for at least 3 hours. As soon as any man arrives, he becomes the owner of the fire, regardless of any women or children who may believe otherwise.

Non-owning men are free to offer advice over the tending of a fire, but may never interfere with the fire unless the owner of the fire explicitly asks for it, or, abandons the fire. Non-men may not provide advice about the fire under any circumstances.

A fire is abandoned if:
-the owner of the fire leaves the premises for more than 15 minutes
-if there is food being cooked on the fire, and the food will burn if it is not immediately removed, AND the owner of the fire has been gone for at least 5 minutes.

It should go without saying that a man who cannot create a fire (for any purpose – cooking or otherwise) is no man at all.

Law of Tools.

A man’s tools are sacrosanct. Strict protocol governs their disposition.

A man’s tools belong wherever he puts them. Nobody is allowed to move a tool belonging to a man from one place to any other place, unless he directs them to do so.

A man can borrow a tool belonging to another man, but only under the following conditions:
-it must not be brand new. If a man has a brand new tool, even asking to borrow that tool is not allowed. A man must put a virgin tool to use at least once, AND own it for at least a year, before it is eligible to be asked to be borrowed.
-an eligible tool may be borrowed by another man if the other man asks. If a man asks you to borrow a tool and is denied, that man is not a friend. Being denied the borrowing of an eligble tool is 100% proof that you hold some lesser status, such as ‘drinking buddy’, ‘neighbor’, ‘dude I know’, or ‘non-Man’.
-If you have gotten permission to borrow a tool from a man in the past, you may borrow another tool without asking. However, you must return that tool before the man you borrow it from could possibly need it, AND you must return it to exactly where it was before, and in its original condition. Failure to meet these conditions permanantly disqualifies you from ever borrowing a tool from that man, or any man he knows, ever again. Plus you own him a new one of the tool, of the same or superior quality and condition.
-No matter how you came to borrow a tool, if you keep it for more than a week you have stolen it.

A man who owns no tools is not a man, and will never become a man. Someone who has the potential to become a man will own tools by the time he reaches the age of manhood.

A man who owns only a screwdriver and a hammer is not a man, but he may become a man by aquiring more tools.

Every man must own at a minimum, a knife, a flathead, a phillips, a hammer, at least one wrench, and at least one pliars. This is the minimum, basic man toolset. You retain manhood if you used to own the basic toolset, but one or more tools was stolen, lost, or broken, for up to one year. After that, you must replace the basic tool or your manhood is revoked.

Among a group of men, the man who has the most and the best tools is the manliest. A tool which has never been used is not counted in this calculation. In the case of a tie, the man whose tools, overall, have been put to use the most, wins.

six-armed baby

I have some weird dreams, but last nights was probably the worst in a long while. If anyone has a family history of stillbirthed 6-armed babies, I have a message for you.

Stupid Internet

So I was without an internet connection for 4.5 hours today- called jasnet, they called me back telling me the Wyoming area was having problems and they’d let me know when they fixed it. 6:30-11pm. What a pain in the ass.

Oh well, it’s back up now.

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