So I’m back in Michigan and holy hell does it feel good. a quick rundown is in order:

  • got to MI alright
  • like the new job
  • movers broke a minimum of stuff, but had no common sense (packed a brush and a mirror together and put weight on top of the mirror, yet wadded up my spring jacket, wrapped it in padding, and taped the packing shut around it,)
  • recieved our good within a reasonable amount of time (packed it on thursday, was unpacking sunday). None of this “we forgot your stuff” BS that that other place did.
  • got dicked by cyberonic. they screwed up the address, and didn’t bother telling me until I called *THEM*. Found out it was gonna take 2 more weeks after I got here. when I got here I saw that Jasnet (one of my original contenders when I planned on moving away from SBC) had a “ramblewood special” for our complex- 6meg down, 1 meg up for $30/month. Cyberonic wanted $70 for 6meg down 768k up. That’s why this site and IRC have been down so long- I switched ISPs.
  • Jasnet sent me the wrong install package- they had to send someone out to set the line for the special, which made it take longer than normal.
  • began rebuilding draccus right before my parents showed up (they came to visit my last week in DC) and didn’t get finished before coming to MI- draccus has been half installed for 2 weeks
  • Jackie still needs a job
  • the CPU fan on Jaxon died- Jaxon is currently down
  • I really need to find a better theme than this one

I am so happy to be back in GR. Oh, and I went bike riding the other day down kent trails- other than my allergies and riding an uncomfortable bike, it was fun. Draccus is back up and running now, and hopefully I