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I live…again…

So I’m back in Michigan and holy hell does it feel good. a quick rundown is in order:

  • got to MI alright
  • like the new job
  • movers broke a minimum of stuff, but had no common sense (packed a brush and a mirror together and put weight on top of the mirror, yet wadded up my spring jacket, wrapped it in padding, and taped the packing shut around it,)
  • recieved our good within a reasonable amount of time (packed it on thursday, was unpacking sunday). None of this “we forgot your stuff” BS that that other place did.
  • got dicked by cyberonic. they screwed up the address, and didn’t bother telling me until I called *THEM*. Found out it was gonna take 2 more weeks after I got here. when I got here I saw that Jasnet (one of my original contenders when I planned on moving away from SBC) had a “ramblewood special” for our complex- 6meg down, 1 meg up for $30/month. Cyberonic wanted $70 for 6meg down 768k up. That’s why this site and IRC have been down so long- I switched ISPs.
  • Jasnet sent me the wrong install package- they had to send someone out to set the line for the special, which made it take longer than normal.
  • began rebuilding draccus right before my parents showed up (they came to visit my last week in DC) and didn’t get finished before coming to MI- draccus has been half installed for 2 weeks
  • Jackie still needs a job
  • the CPU fan on Jaxon died- Jaxon is currently down
  • I really need to find a better theme than this one

I am so happy to be back in GR. Oh, and I went bike riding the other day down kent trails- other than my allergies and riding an uncomfortable bike, it was fun. Draccus is back up and running now, and hopefully I

Morgajel is Not Amused

I generally don’t like to talk about money on here because it’s depressing, but this bothered me so much I had to say something.

It’s going to cost us about $5k to get the movers to move our stuff from one apartment to another. The drive is too far for jackie and I to do in multiple trips, we lack the manpower we had during moves in college, we have more stuff, and the cost of movers would be negated if we had an accident during the 12 hour drive. On top of this we have a $600 insurance payment that just showed up for the car and $2500 in taxes we owe the IRS. In other words, we had a crapload of bills popping up for the month of april.

That adds up to a lot of money we don’t really have.

Jackie and I figured we’d simply take out a loan through her credit union- she’s done it several times in the past and always been good about payments, etc. They’ve treated her well and she’s never had a problem with them before.

We figured $8300 should be enough to cover everything we needed… come to find out her credit union only allows $5k unsecured. We have enough in savings that we can swing the rest of it, but it’ll be tight and we’ll end up flat broke. So we talk about getting the $8300 secured.

Well, that almost worked… it seems in order for the credit union to give her a $8300 loan, we need collateral (hence secured), which is understandable. Since we don’t own the car (still paying) and don’t own a house, they offered to pay off our car for us and we’d just owe them instead of toyota. Now we only have to pay one company instead of two- sounds great, in theory…

Until they tell us the interest rate is almost twice what we were paying toyota. Oh, and it’s only for 4 years, so are payments are not only jacked up from the loan, but from paying the car off early. Oh you want to make it 5 years? Lets just add another couple percentage points to the interest…

So rather than paying 3.9% of 15k for the car + whatever for the loan, we’d be paying 8% on 15k for the car + the 8300 loan
(rough guess- over 9k in interest). Our payments would go up $200 a month or so- pretty much a lose-lose situation.

So, we talked to them about just getting a 5k unsecured loan- we’d keep the 3.9% for the car, but we’d be paying a “fairly reasonable” 13% on the 5k for 3 years, and our savings would be destroyed paying taxes. That’d be around 2k in interest on the moving loan. The thing is, our credit card has a lower rate.

In the end, we found it was easier to bump our Credit Card limit up enough to cover it, and while the percentage is higher (9.9%), it’ll only be over the 5k, with our savings being obliterated in the process for taxes.

So now we’ll be paying 3.9% on the 15k for the car still, and 9.9% on the 5k for the loan (rough guess- over 3k in interest on car + 1.5k in interest on loan= 4.5k interest). The total amount owed in interest would be half of what it would be if we took out the secured, and at least 500 less from the unsecured loan. On top of this our minimum payment will only go up $100 or so, and we’ll have a flexible pay schedule. No penalty for paying off early, no BS games with paying “interest first,” etc.

So the moral of the story? Credit cards aren’t all that bad. Credit Unions are not that good. And this is coming from someone who hates credit cards and being in debt. Oh, and yes, I played fast and loose with the numbers (owed*percent*years rather than the pert equation).

Slow Decline of Writing Skills

I’m sure I’m not the only person to notice this, but my spelling and grammar has been getting worse. I don’t think I’m the only one suffering from this problem.

I’m pretty sure I can attribute it to the internet in general, and this blog/irc in particular. Why do I blame them? Because I’ve gotten used to typing as fast as I can and hitting enter without proofreading.

With the blog, I do proofread a bit, but not nearly as much as I should- with IRC, I rarely even think if I *should* say it before hitting enter.

Where’s that leave me? Well, I’ve noticed that I tend to write things phonetically. What’s worse is I don’t even recognize these mistakes anymore. I wonder how many were in this little rant?

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