I don’t know if BSD can smell the gnu in my blood or what, but it is seriously putting up a fight. As I mentioned in the previous post’s followups, I got kde working finally- however every time I pop open Konqueror and hit slashdot, the entire machine locks solid. Not just konqueror, not just X; the whole machine.

Now, I know slashdot has a troll meme about BSD dying, but this is ridiculous. I had kde up and running for a good 24 hours before I popped open konqueror the first time, so it’s not like an instant hardware failure or something. I’ve been able to do everything fine in Linux for years on this hardware- Still works after this experience, as well. Konqueror, although not my first choice browser, has never had this issue before, either.

So what I’m really wondering is, where does the fault lie? Even if it is kde/konqueror based, why is a user-level application locking the entire system? Is it the fault of X, which probably falls in the top 20 most useful unix programs? Is it BSD itself? Perhaps K_F was right, maybe it is a library issue.

I know one thing for sure; VP was right when he said FreeBSD was not a workstation OS. I can’t cope with that kind of instability- I have no choice but to go back to Linux. I need to get shit done. I’ll convert my Ridllr sideproject box to BSD and see what I can do there. I hope it makes a MUCH better server than it does a workstation…