For the few people who haven’t heard yet, Jackie and I will be returning to Grand Rapids. I was offered a position at a local GR company as a Network Administrator. The company seems really nice from what I saw last friday.

I can’t describe how much I really hate the DC area. It’s just too crowded for me. Among the many benefits of this move, Jackie and I will:

  • be able to be with our friends and family again
  • take up physical training with yojimbo again
  • home cooked meals
  • not live trapped in a box
  • have a 20 minute commute to work instead of an hour
  • be able to go outside and not see a single person.

I’m by no means a farm boy, but DC is just way too big for me. On the positive side, DC has done me some good.

  • I can now stand in a crowd of 30 people without having a panic attack
  • I have a new car
  • paid the bills when Michigan was in a huge recession
  • met some decent people
  • learned to value silence
  • Learned there’s more to do than play with a computer all day

So there you have it. Jackie and I have also picked out an apartment- we finally managed to get into ramblewood after a 3rd or 4th time of fate stepping in. Nice backwoods section near kent trails. I can’t wait to get back- my last day at my current company is April 7th, and I will be in town on the 14th of April. Don’t get me wrong, I like my current coworkers, I just don’t like the area (Sorry Tony, it’s just too crowded).

So it looks like Operation BTFO was a success.