I’ve spent entirely too long trying to figure out what skill I wanted to focus on this year- what to “get another skill point in” as it were.
I really wanted to try electronics, but I think I’m going to put that off just a little bit longer. Instead I’m going to focus on learning to play the keyboard. Well, not actually how to play, but learn enough to teach myself Chord Theory. I’ve found a great site that shows the proper fingerings for piano chords which will be a great help.

I’ve also been reading a “songwriters guide” book that teach about the fundamentals of music theory. The author is pretentious, snoppy and hates anything written after the 1950’s, but he knows his stuff. If you can get past the fact that he’d be sneering at your musical taste, you can learn quite a bit.

My end goal is to eventually produce a CD so I list that as an accomplishment on my resume (for shits and giggles): “composed, arranged performed and produced ________.” It’s all about being well rounded 🙂

So here I am, the year 2006, and my Year Lesson will be Keyboard/Chord Theory.

Wish me luck.